Nef fears ‘Hoilund’ is not seasoned enough, the real ghost

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes Rasmus Hoilund doesn’t have enough experience to carry forward hopes. Ready to request a top-ranked old team like Harry Kane. Hoilund

has just moved from Atalanta to Old Trafford with a total value of 72 million pounds after doing his work. Nine goals in 32 appearances in Serie A’s debut season,

Erik ten Hag’s side are running short of a striker. But the Danish pike Must miss the first field in the warm-up match. by the club’s statement that it was because of a slight injury unspecified area With a recovery time of about 2-3 weeks

, however, Daily Mail , British media, cites insider information. It was actually revealed that Hoilund had a back injury. This may prevent playing continuously in the first part of the season. ทางเข้า

Neville also appeared on the latest episode of The Overlap, expressing concern. But he looked more at the mentality and pressure of 20-year-old Hoilund.

“Honestly, I’d be worried if Man Utd used this kid as a starting line-up. Because he will have to bear enormous pressure ′

′ Hoilund will be watched by everyone. And the team needs to put some pressure on him.”

Meanwhile, United’s dream target Harry Kane is constantly being chase by Bayern Munich. But Neville still hopes for a top scorer from Tottenham. As always, Tottenham Hotspur

“United need Kane and they need Hoilund backing him playing 25-30 games a season,” Neville continued

. Kane is a smart deal and I hope United

“I hope United can wait for Bayern to agree a fee with Spurs

. Catch up with Arsenal and Manchester City.”